Frequently Asked Questions


What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is 100% Unprocessed Human Hair. This means that the hair has not been chemically altered. All cuticles are intact and running in the same direction. The hair comes from a healthy single donor.  


How long will it last?

Our hair can last 1 to 2 years with proper maintenance. We also recommend AVOID cutting your wefts if possible. Cutting your wefts may cause shedding , if you cut your weft we recommend using a weft sealer.

Can I bleach my hair?

Yes, Virgin Hair can be lighten. We recommend that you seek a licensed cosmetologist to prevent damaging the hair.


Will the hair match my natural hair?

The hair is in it's natural state and will blend very well with dark hair. For lighter hair colors, the hair can be bleached and/or dyed.

Can I still swim with this hair on?

You may go in swimming pools and hot tubs. It is best to wash hair right after swimming as you would do normal hair. Avoid getting hair in salt water because the salt can absorb the moisture and leave hair tangle. Add a conditioner after swimming.